Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Quick analysis on new Mobile available in Market and Sentiments using Twitter api

Phone Analysis and Sentiment

Heard lots about iPhone6 and now Nexus 6 , so finally I decided to try my first ever twitter analytic test using R and the objective is to find how people are talking about these phones.

Well to honor Samsung , I added it too.

Few things to know before starting twitter analytic using R (not from expert point of view) -

1. Its Very easy and R will make your life ultra easy. Python is as well great for the same but I will post about that sometime later.

2. To do quick analytic there is no point of running behind BigData , simply use less records and do the job.

3. Number of records does change the fate of your analytic , so its always good to run the same on large data volume so do this step once your bigdata setup is done and you already have experience working on casandra , spark etc.

4. To learn this you just need to know any technology and you must love technology, then learning R and do Rstats won't be trouble.

5. Some basic libraries like 'twitteR' , 'plyr' , 'stringr' and 'ggplot2' for twitter and statistics, do some basic hands-on on them and then roll.

6. If you are good in mathematics , that wonderful but you need not to be best in that, just basic school mathematics concepts are enough for starter..atleast what I felt.

Once I ran the stats-

Great iPhone still leads in all +ve side and Nexus 6 based on data , actually not getting that positive vibe , well then why i heard that ...

Again all these stats can change a lot if I try the same with more data.

The source code with comments are already uploaded in my github RsourceFile, just explore ..

Happy Coding..

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